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The MrAlGator Group

The MrAlGator Group 

 The MrAlGator Group develops, produces and distributes series and movies in

Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and other Countries.

Michael Huck is CCO and coordinates shooting. We are looking for talent, directors,

producers and distributers to work with all over the world.


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The 7 Nightmares Girl (2008-2011) 13 episodes:

The horror-fantasy series The 7 Nightmares Girl is currently shot in Berlin, Vienna, Van-

couver, Honolulu and Sydney. The spooky series is about are secret circle of witches who

are about to take over the world. Starring Anja Meyer, Barbara Ungerhofer, Carolin Hassel-

mann, Wenke Baumgart, Micaela Schaefer, Yvonne Woelke and Lloyd Kaufman.

More information you will find: 


Unhappy End! (1989-2008):

The long-running thriller series featuring extraordinary beautiful women who get involved

in extraordinary bizarre crimes. Unhappy End! finally shows women the way they are:

bad, mean and dangerous! Starring the most beautiful models and actresses from Ger-

many and other countries including Katja Bienert, Jean Bork, Déborah Behrens, Micaela

Schaefer, Bianca Lindenberg, Bettina Mueller, Sindy Tennes, Jennifer Behr and Lydie Den-

ier. More info:


You find more information on our Unhappy End! series and movies on a special

website decidacted to the series: 



Die Schulfeindin (1994)

Thriller starring Marlene Marlow, Kerstin Orf and Claudia Splitt. A young woman (Marlene

Marlow) is taken prisoner in her apartment by two really evil girls (Kerstin Orf and Claudia

Splitt) More infos:


The Moonlight Orchids (2010)

The terrible tales of filmmaking. The Moonlight Orchids produced & directed by Michael

Huck and starring Lloyd Kaufman and Kim Baldwin reveils the dark secret of making

movies. The ruthless producer Melvin K. Lee is "auditioning" young actresses on the

backseat of his beautiful Rolls Royce! Lloyd Kaufman plays the bad guy.


A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

Thriller based on Unhappy End! episode 2: Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen!

Lydie Denier did star and direct the episode which is based on the episode 2 script

by Michael Huck and Jean Bork. Jean Bork and Katja Bienert gueststar.

Michael Huck, Joerg Peter and Vonny Kesisoglu did produce.

The shooting of the thriller became a thriller itself when director Lydie Denier tried to

take over the project and push producer Michael Huck out. Michael Huck produced

a docu Stalking Lydie (2009) . More infos on: 


Last Laugh (2008)

Maja Lohm, Sandra Luedke, Micaela Schaefer and Carolin Hasselmann star

in the movie version based on the Unhappy End! series episode 26. A young woman

(Luedke) who once was the ugly duckling lures her former beautiful classmates in

a deadly trap.


Nightmare Follies - Episode 1: Stars Will Perish (2009)

A new thriller series with slightly darker stories than Unhappy End! Micaela Schaefer and

Déborah Behrens star in episode 1: a young actress is kidnapped by her understudy.

Based on a story by Australian writer Brian Sands, produced & directed by Michael Huck.



Every little breeze seems to whisper Suspense!

The Moonlight Orchids (2010)
The Moonlight Orchids (2010)
A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
Unhappy End!
Unhappy End!

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