Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

Chapter 6: Aloha, Satan!

Athena travels to Hawaii Ilands to track down

more witches while another nun of her order,

Hermine, catches another young witch in

Germany. We now learn more secrets hidden

in fairy tales like Haensel and Grethel and 

the identity of the biggest vampire of them all.

But in the end noone knows what´s true and

what´s not...

Witch Hunting becomes a little bit more fun when

Athena is allowed to travel to Hawaii to track down

another circle of witches.

As Satan is busy all around the world corrupting

young women to become his followers, Athena

is determined to visit Australia next...

(below:) another young witch who did not read

the small print in her contract with Satan which

includes to be tortured by fanatic nuns...

Chapter 7: Dr Morloff´s Atomic Turtles

This means war now. Athena and Hermine show

no mercy killing killing witch after witch and now

decide to erase the capital of Satan totally.

Hermine makes a deal with sinister Dr. Morloff

who will sell Athena his Atomic Turtles. The turtles

are trained to swim from Hawaii to Santa Monica

Beach and with a little Atomic Bomb attached,

they are bound to destroy Hollywood - the City

of Satan!

Brother Tetzel

We meet a new character in chapter 6,

Brother Tetzel, a monk, who on behalf

of the Holy Inquisition, has his office in Notre Dame,

Paris. Tetzel takes care of the business site of the

Holy Inquisiton and is making quite a fortune at

the stock exchange.

Dr. Morloff

Morloff is another new character we meet in episode 7.

Morloff, a sinsister Frenchmen who hates Germans,

is hired by the Holy Inquisition to destroy Hollywood,

the Capital of Satan! His dark plans includes sending

his Atomic Turtles from Hawaii to Santa Monica Beach

to blow up Los Angeles.

The Inquisition pays lots of money to Morloff for his services

but Morloff on the other hand has to pay a fortunge to the

Holy Inquisition for Tetzel´s famous "Ablaßbrief" which

allows Morloff to kill the citizens of LA without having to

go to Hell!

The new episodes are shot in Berlin, Vancouver and

Hawaii making Satan a little bit more international.

We do not stop here but actually plan to shoot new

episodes in Australia.

Chapter 6 and 7 are available in a two-chapter DVD

box in May 2012.