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And here are some books anmd DVDs from Lloyd Kaufman and Troma:

Sell Your Own Damn Movie

Lloyd Kaufman´s new Book
Lloyd Kaufman´s new Book

Great news: Lloyd Kaufman´s new book

Sell Your Own Damn Movie

is on sale now.

A friend just came back from NY and gave this wonderful book today to me and I immediately

started reading.

Lloyd tells us how to sell all the movies we are shooting as usual in his entertaining own way, assisted

by legends like Stan Lee and David Cronenberg.

Lloyd certainly is one of the most beloved and loved individuals in movie history. His deep love and

affection for idependent cinema and moviemakers is hilarious. Since years he is travelling around the

world sharing his love and wisdom with so many of us.

I am so proud and touched that Lloyd worked with us and the way he treats fellow filmmakers touched

me most. No matter if you are a low budget filmmaker with a $ 400 Sony camcorder or the director of

a multimillion dollar blockbuster Lloyd takes everyone serious who has decided to make dreams

come true and making movies.

I´ve seen him on different sets and filmfestivals walking around with his little sony or canon

interviewing everyone on the the set always interested in what moves people to make movies.


Many years ago I found his book Make Your Own Damn Movie when I alread made my own damn

movies but nevertheless this book did help me a lot and also the following books gave much


Now his new book tells us about selling our movies what is becoming more and more important

in our new world with the web and vod distribution.


Lloyd, I love you so much.