The 7 Nightmares Girl 3 & 4

The 7 Nightmares Girl
The 7 Nightmares Girl

Episode 3: The Hammer and the Horror

Barbara Ungerhofer
Barbara Ungerhofer

Angela (Barbara Ungerhofer) is ordered by the mad girl

Annika to fly to Berlin to wait for new orders how to save

her sister´s life.

In Berlin Angela finds in an apartment a helpless bound

and gagged woman and Annika de-

mands Angela has to kill the woman by driving nails into

her body. In the meantime Annika

continues to torture Amanda in the

horrible cellar of Blackforest Castle. Amanda however

manages to break free and is very surprised when Annika

tells her she herself is a victim of some unknown maniac

who has kindnapped her sister and has forced her to do

all the evil things to save her sisters life! The real bad girl,

Athena now appears and orders Amanda to kill Annika!

Amanda helps Annika and Annika attacks Athena with a

sword but is hurt seriously while Athena escapes.

Far away in Los Angeles, the City of Satan, Samantha,

a young business woman signs a contract the devil

has set up for her...


Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman

Barbara Ungerhofer plays Amanda´s sister Angela.

Barbara did also produce the scenes shot in Vienna

and Los Angeles.


Episode 3 is shot in Berlin in the Capital Duck

and Lightartist Studios with additional scenes

in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Lloyd Kaufman, famous US producer, who shot

in the same studio Episode 2, The Smile on

Satan´s Face, visited our other set that day

during Berlin FilmFestival where he represented

the IFTA as CEO.

The Hammer and the Horror
The Hammer and the Horror

Episode 3. The Hammer and the Horror


starring Barbara Ungerhofer, Carolin Hasselmann,

             Ciara, Kim Baldwin


camera: Mario Critto, Joerg Moering, Diana Beppler


make-up & sfx: Saskia Schenk


Produced by Michael Huck & Barbara Ungerhofer


Directed by Michael Huck



Ciara and Kim Baldwin
Ciara and Kim Baldwin
Kim Baldwin
Kim Baldwin

US actress Kim Baldwin gueststars as the

left hand of Satan, recruiting young business-

woman Samantha (Ciara) for Lucifer´s sister-

hood of witches, a secret society who plans

to take over economics and politics.


In return Lucifer gives his followers eternal

youth, beauty and money.

Copyright 2009 by Peter Brüchmann
Copyright 2009 by Peter Brüchmann

Brazilian model Maja Loom played one of the victims in episode 3.

Peter Brüchmann took this photo. There are more of Brüchmann`s

set pohotos on The 7 Nightmares Girl website.

Copyright 2009 by Peter Brüchmann
Copyright 2009 by Peter Brüchmann

The Hammer and the Horror
The Hammer and the Horror

Carolin and Wenke in another scene

of episode 3. Annkia still has Amanda

bound and gagged in that horrible

cellar thinking of more and more

terrible ways how to torture her help-

less victim.

Episode 3
Episode 3




A desperate Annika (Carolin Hasselman)

attacks the mysterious Athena (Anja Meyer)

who has kidnapped her sister and who

did force her to commit all the horrible

crimes, inlcuding kidnapping Amanda.


Episode 4: The Awful Truth
Episode 4: The Awful Truth
The 7 Nightmares Girl
The 7 Nightmares Girl

German model and actress Yvonne Wölke

plays one of the witches.

Episode 4
Episode 4

Athena (Anja Meyer) has kidnapped

one of the witches (Yvonne Wölke)

and tortures her to learn more about

the secret castle the Devil once built

and that is the the gate to Hell.

Episode 4
Episode 4

Samantha, a young business woman,

is the next one who is lured into another

deadly trap by the mysterious Athena.


But Athena must learn that Samantha

is not a willing victim and knows how

to fight.

The 7 Nightmares Girl
The 7 Nightmares Girl

Samantha finally is trapped by Athena and

Athena helds her beautiful victim prisoner

all trussed up in the torture celler of Black-

forest Castle.


Athena reveals she is a nun, sent by the

Vatican, and accuses Samantha to be a


Athena makes it quite clear she will tor-

ture Samantha till she will admit to be a

witch - however IF Samantha admitts to be

a witch, Athena will kill her.

The 7 Nightmares Girl
The 7 Nightmares Girl

Samantha learns the hard way, becoming a witch grants her beauty, money and a long life, but unfortunately a witch spends most of her life tied up and gagged in an uncomfortable cell in some dark cellar of a monastery of witch-hunting nuns who´s favorite job is to torture beautiful witches.

The Awful Truth About Hänsel and Grethel
The Awful Truth About Hänsel and Grethel
The 7 Nightmares Girl
The 7 Nightmares Girl

Witches also spent consicerable time bein whipped by sadaistic nuns. Athena obviously has much fun beating up her beautiful prisoner.  Athena certainly does not admit but in fact she hates witches as much because of their life in luxus and beauty. Not hard to understand if you know a nun spends most of her life in a small cell in some uncanny monastery.

Photos: Copyright 2009 by Michael Huck, Diana Beppler & Peter Brüchmann