New Projects 2011

Die Schulfeindin - Director´s Cut 2011

Die Schulfeindin
Die Schulfeindin

Die Schulfeindin (1994) Director´s Cut 2011


The 1994 thriller Die Schulfeindin will now be released again as a 3 DVD box .

The original material had been transferred and totally newly re-edited  on computer

featuring a new, never before released 56 minute version with a new musical


Also new are two making of dvds with extras including outtakes and a slideshow.

The new version is released only on dvd starting in october 2011.


This version is different from the 2010 digi remastered version which is shown on

King Munsa´s Cookery-Book (2011)

King Munsa´s Cookery-Book
King Munsa´s Cookery-Book

Now on Sale on DVD: King Munsa´s Cookery-Book (2011)

starring Dina Babajic who plays Patrizia, a girl who was really fat and all her classmates made fun of her.

Determined to take horrible revenge, Patrizia lost weight with the help of a Cookery-Book written by

noone else but King Munsa, the legendary African King of Cannibals.


Episode 2 of the Nightmare Follies series is a 2 DVD set with episode King Munsa´s Cookery-Book and an Extras DVD with 50 minutes of Making of and slide show.



VOD - Video-on-Demand


We are now online in the USA with several videos on




The 7 Nightmares Girl 1 & 2


Unhappy End!


Nightmare Follies


The Moonlight Orchids


Die Schulfeindin


and more over the next weeks



These download versions are without outtakes but and are now available in the US and Canada for

very reasonable prices.

We will continue of course to sell the dvd versions with the outtakes and there are also other

versions. Die Schulfeindin is released online only as the older versions, while on DVD a all new

edited version will be on sale in autumn with 90 minutes of outtakes.

Sell Your Own Damn Movie
Sell Your Own Damn Movie

 And now to something completely different: Lloyd Kaufman´s new

book: SELL YOUT OWN DAMN MOVIE . Learn the most important

thing about moviemaking: how to sell your little gems.


The foreword is written by Lloyd´s pal Stan Lee, famous

Creator of the Marvel Universe.

Hooray for Tromawood!!!

Here are some of the new projects we will shoot or have

in pre-production or post production in 2011.


VOD - Video-On-Demand




Video-On-Demand is a business we cannot ignore,

it´s the Future and even more the PRESENT.

When you come home switch on the tv and all you can

watch are commercials instead of programs, it´s time

to move on and that´s what we did now.


Some of our programs, inlcuding The Moonlight Orchids

are now available as VOD on


These programs however do not contain outtakes or

Making of´s . We will continue to sell these programs

on dvd.

The 7 Nightmares Gir
The 7 Nightmares Gir

Among the first programs to be distributed

VOD are also the first 3 episodes of

The 7 Nightmares Girl series.


The 7 Nightmares Girl - New Episodes

New episodes of the series are in pre-production and to

be shot in Sydney, Australia and Vienna, Austria.

Currently the episodes shot in Honolulu and Vancouver

are in post-production:

Athena, the witch-huntress, kills some other witches in

Honolulu and Australia while a new character, Dr. Mor-

loff prepares an attack on the City of Satan: Hollywood.

Morloff plans to destroy all California with the help of

his army of atomic turtles.


Another strange charcter is introduced: Brother Tetzel,

a monk who is handling several important financial

projects of the Vatican.


Producers: by Anja Meyer and Michael Huck


Satan Also Has Wings

Satan Also Has Wings

Marsha, young police officer is kind of frustrated when she is ordered to close

a very evil case: A man who calls himself Raphael is arrested for having broken

the neck of a 12 year old boy. Raphael, a nice looking, softly speaking man in

his early 60s has no papers at all and the police cannot find out who he really


Marsha takes him to Barbara Sommerfeld, a wellknown psychatrist who often

is asked to help the police in strange cases.

To make things worse they found the photo of a young girl in Raphael´s coat

and Marsha fears he has plans to kill the girl next.


Marsha and Barbara are very surprised when Raphael claims he is not a killer

but a Guardin Angel sent to protect.

They soon realize Raphael knows a lot about religion but they are even more

surprised when Raphael tells them very personal things they know noone else

really could know.

Marsha is determined to kill Raphael and let it look like he is shot while making

an attempt to escape but then they discover that the truth is even more horrible

they could imagine.


Producer: Michael Huck

King Munsa´s Cookery-Book
King Munsa´s Cookery-Book

King Munsa´s Cookery-Book


Currently we are shooting in

Berlin King Munsa´s Cookery Book,

a really horrible story about a young

woman, Patrizia (Dina Babajic) who

just loves meat - prepared King Mun-

sa style.