Ted V Miles´Astro Zombies Part 5

Photo: Copyright 2011 by Michael Huck
Photo: Copyright 2011 by Michael Huck

Ted V Mikles´company shot last week in Berlin near Reichstag Astro Zombies part 5.

I had the pleasure to be one of the frigthened earthlings running away from the horrible

Astro Zombies who blow up Brandenburger Tor and slaughter innocent people in the

streets of Berlin.

Here the bad, bad Astro Zombie is shown killing director Martin Schmidt.

Ted V Mikles company is based in Las Vegas and his new movie Astro Zombies 5 is currently

shot all around the world.

To learn more about the producer of such classics like "The Doll Squad" just have a look at

Ted V Mikles´ website!


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