Co-Production Program

Talent Co-Production Program

We are shooting thrillers, horror and comedy. If you are an actress and if you want

to produce or co-produce a project with us, contact me.

If we agree on a project we assist you with developing script, setting up production

and provide technical equipment and more..

You can either bring in own projects or participate in one of our current productions.

We are looking for actresses who love to play a bad villainess Bette Davis-style or

a classical damsel in distress.


We are shooting in Germany, California, Hawaii, Canada, Austria and Australia,

but we are also interested in shooting in other countries.


If you are interested, please contact:



Projects in Development

The 7 Nightmares Girl


Horror-Fantasy series about witches, vampires, Satan and killer nuns who all are

about to take over the world.

Starring Carolin Hasselmann, Wenke Baumgart, Déborah Behrens, Micaela Schaefer,

Yvonne Woelke and Lloyd Kaufman

Produced by Michael Huck, Barbara Ungerhofer, Anja Meyer.

6 episodes are already shot in Berlin, Vienna, Honolulu, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Currently episode 7 is shot, 1st season will have 13 episodes to be produced till 2012.


Mummy (working Title)


A young woman, Linda, is in love with Charles, a succesful attorney, who´s first wife

died and who has two children. Charles and Linda want to marry. To meet Charles´ children

and his mother, Linda is invited to the home of the family. When Charles must leave Linda

is all alone with her future stepmother and the two kids - and somehow she realizes

Charles´mother does not want Charles to marry her - if necessary over her dead body!




Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room
Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room

Dark Room

A beautiful model, Svenja, is lures by a photographer to a

shooting. The photographer who is some years older is

convinced Svenja has an affair with her husband - what is

NOT true. In fact, the husband is after the model but she

rejected him because she considered the photographer

her friend. The photographer overpowers the model during

the shooting, ties her up and gags her and tells her she

will kill her because she has an affair with her husband.

With the gag in her mouth the helpless model cannot

even tell the totally mad woman the truth and the situation

becomes more and more dangerous.

Dark Room will be a 90 minute version of the connecting

episode of Unhappy End! 1.

Unhappy End! 1
Unhappy End! 1

In the original Unhappy End! series,

Cathrin Vaessen played the jealous

photographer who ties the beautiful

model up to destroy her beauty with

a razor blade. Bettina Mueller played

her helpless and innocent victim.




We have a stock of many videoprograms, horror, thriller and drama and we are

interested in selling the programs also in other countries on DVD and through



We are looking for sale agents, videostores, websites to work with to distribute

our programs including


- Unhappy End!

- The Moonlight Orchids,

- The 7 Nightmares Girl

- Nightmare Follies


Please contact:

Co-Production with Production Companies and Networks International



We are interested in selling also the concepts of our programs to foreign production

companies and networks. If you are an agent or producer or network rep and you

think you can set up some of our projects in your country, either as a remake or

with new scripts, please contact: 



We are especially interested in the follwing countries:

- Canada (Montrèal and Toronto)


- Brazil

- Australia

- Italy

- France

- Great Britain

- Israel


We are especially interested in doing a remake of Die Schulfeindin (1994) (En-

glisch title: Deadly Enemy) in the US, Canada and Autralia with local cast, crew

and networks.

Die Schulfeindin (1994)
Die Schulfeindin (1994)

more infos on

Die Schulfeindin (1994)
Die Schulfeindin (1994)

Die Schulfeindin (1994) was shot in Berlin.A thriller

about a young woman, Angela,  who meets her

former classmate Miriam in the subway. The evil

Miriam who always hated Angela, the most beau-

tiful girl in school, and her uncanny friend Karin

follow Angela to her apartment. They tie her up

and steal her money, but Miriam - having Angela

now at her mercy - is determined to kill her.


Marlene Marlow, one of the most beautiful

actresses of German tv who did star in

a long running series playing a doctor, plays

Anglea while Kerstin Orf and Claudia Splitt

are hilarious as the two evil girls.